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Technology PLUS Summer Camp Fun
Emagination blends the latest in technology learning with cool non-tech activities that create a well-rounded summer camp experience.

Two-week sessions allow time to make new friends, build self-confidence and become part of a community. Many campers stay longer and return for years.
Its Worth the Trip!
From across America and overseas --- kids "like me" travel to Emagination's
camps near Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia & Fairfield, Connecticut.

Why? Because Emagination offers a more complete summer camp experience with a huge selection of technology workshops for beginners to experts.

Take Three Tech Workshops

Create Digital Media iMovie® 3D Art 3D Animation Digital Music Photoshop®
Design Video Games Minecraft RPG FPS Strategy Mobile
Discover Engineering RC Cars Robotics Redstone Circuitry
Learn to Code iApps Java C# Coding Basics

Get Unplugged

Outdoor Games Swimming Improv

Talent Show Theme Days

Discover the Emagination Difference

Three different technology workshops each day - learn multiple topics at tech camp

Face-to-face instruction - counselors use professionally developed curriculums, not online tutorials

Two-week sessions - time to make new friends and become a part of a summer camp community

More workshops - more choices and opportunities to progress to advanced levels

Recreation and socializing are important - campers learn tech skills and life skills

Weekend activities - tuition includes Super Saturday & LAN Party for overnight and day campers

Camp locations - quiet suburban campuses selected for safety and the highest quality facilities

On campus in-person staff training - on campus training builds a team that's ready for campers

Experience - over 30 years operating summer technology camps

Value for your investment - compare our program & tuition to other
tech camps

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"Matthew attended Emagination
during high school and just got
a fabulous job with Google.

Thank you Emagination!"

- Amy, Great Neck, NY

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Co-ed summer camps ages 8-17

Senior Camp for 8th Graders and Above

Overnight & Day Technology Camps

Camp tuition includes weekends

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Lead - Teach - Learn - Have Fun

Build Your Skills - Build Your Resume

Join our team and get competitive pay,
housing, meals, training and support

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Kids who love technology belong at Emagination. Our Computer Camp program balances three exciting technology workshops with cool non-tech activities in two-week sessions and one week mini sessions.
Come to CT, GA, IL, MA or PA.
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Teens 15-18 learn game design skills, then choose a role on a development team and build a playable video game that they present to a panel of industry experts.

Guest speakers, a game studio tour and daily recreation make this a perfect summer academic experience for teens who are serious about learning video game design and development.
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In this two-week program teens 13-17 learn to code with Java to create Mods for Minecraft. With a focus on STEM education campers can unleash their imagination while learning valuable coding and problem solving skills.

Campers will also be immersed in the world of Minecraft with daily activities focused on a balance of both computer and outdoor activities.
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