Technology Learning PLUS Summer Camp Fun!

Emagination’s core Computer Camp program blends technology learning with fun summer camp activities to create a well-rounded summer camp experience. Sessions are two weeks long so campers have time to become part of a community while learning new tech skills.
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It’s Worth the Trip!

From nearby towns, across America and overseas — kids “like me” come to Emagination’s summer camps near Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia and Fairfield, Connecticut.
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Why Emagination Computer Camps?

  • Because we offer a better balanced, more complete summer camp experience compared to one week tech camps
  • Hands on teaching: There are no online tutorials at Emagination. Counselors teach from professionally developed curriculums — in person, not over the internet
  • Trained staff: In-person on campus training builds a team that’s ready for campers
  • Experience counts: Over 30 years delivering technology learning plus summer camp fun


"Matthew attended Emagination during high school and just got a fabulous job with Google. Thank you Emagination!" Amy, Great Neck, NY