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Minecraft Xtreme - Overview

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Learn to Code and Create Minecraft Mods
Teens ages 13-17 unlock the code to the limitless possibilities of Java and Minecraft. In this two-week overnight STEM program, campers develop the coding skills needed to create custom mods for Minecraft.

Campers unleash their imagination and code their ideas into Minecraft --- creating new actions, blocks, recipes, and custom objects to personalize their Minecraft world. Learning valuable coding skills has never been more fun!

Campers take home their mods along with mods created by fellow campers. Using their new coding skills campers can continue to create new mods long after camp ends.

Are You Prepared for Minecraft Xtreme Camp?
Teens who want to learn to code and have a passion for Minecraft are ready for the challenge of Emagination Minecraft Xtreme Camp. Success in this program requires experience with algebra and a non-demo Minecraft Account.

Progressive Curriculum – Go Your Own Pace
The curriculum is progressive so campers with prior programming knowledge spend more time expanding Java coding skills while making Minecraft mods. Less experienced campers focus on learning the Java coding skills required to make their mods.

No algebra experience? — get started today at Emagination Computer Camps.

Build Your Minecraft Mod
Teens experience an intensive and fun two weeks of Java coding to imagine, design and construct Minecraft Mods. The Lead Coders (aka the counselors) teach Java coding and oversee camper progress in setting up an MCP workspace to which campers add blocks, recipes, actions, and items.

Campers are encouraged to offer creative input and develop relationships with other campers. Completed mods are shared with fellow campers for play in Minecraft.

Mob Challenges
Teens learn about teamwork, have fun with friends and get unplugged in Minecraft-themed mob challenges. Each camper joins a passive mob (group of campers), which is led by a Lead Coder. Mob challenges take place mostly outdoors --- off computers.

Campers play capture the flag in Minecraft then bring their digital strategies out onto the playing field. Mobs build creepers that spawn in different places around campus and compete in a scavenger hunt for items used during instruction time.

Daily Recreation and Gaming at Night
There’s plenty of time every day and evening for outdoor recreation, games, open labs and time to hang with new camp friends. Campers have fun in LARPing, dodge ball, capture the flag, kickball, ultimate Frisbee, and swimming. And of course there’s console and network gaming tournaments.

Weekend Included
The weekend between weeks includes a day of fun on Saturday and rest on Sunday, all included in tuition. On Saturday, campers and counselors team-up for indoor and outdoor games and activities and then stay up late at the Saturday Night LAN Party.

STEM Education Opportunity
For teenagers looking to further their technology education, Emagination’s Minecraft Xtreme Camp offers the perfect opportunity to develop skills in an object-oriented programming language while creatively exploring the boundaries of the world’s most popular video game. Minecraft is increasingly being used in educational settings.

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Teens Come to Boston - It's Worth the Trip!

Teens travel to Emagination Minecraft Xtreme Camp by car, plane or train from all over America and several foreign countries. We provide Transportation Assistance.

Bentley University in Waltham Massachusetts near Boston

Space is limited --- Register today!

Options for 12 & Under

Not 13, but still want to learn to code, create in Minecraft or design video games?

Check out Emagination Computer Camps which offers exciting Minecraft, programming and video game design workshops, plus a lot more!

Minecraft Modding with Java
Coding Basics
3D RPG Design
Action Game Design
Strategy Game Design
Mobile Game Design
FPS Game Design

Emagination's Minecraft Xtreme summer camp for teens offers a two-week summer camp course in coding and design in the USA at Bentley University in Waltham, Massachusetts. Teens make new friends as they learn the Java programming language and manipulate the most popular video game of their time to make it their own. It's the perfect summer camp experience for teens who are serious about expanding their knowledge of coding and the capabilities of Minecraft.

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