Get Unplugged

Recreation is important for social development as well as healthy minds and bodies. That’s why structured and unstructured play and socialization are at the core of Emagination’s summer programs.

In our Computer Camp, each camper chooses one recreation workshop, in addition to their three tech workshops, to round out their daily workshop schedule.

In our Programming Camp, our campers enjoy a scheduled block of time outdoors participating in a variety of field games such as ultimate Frisbee, Capture-the-Flag, or dodge ball.

Refresh Time, Evening Program, and Super Saturday also provide more daily recreation opportunities.

Benefits of Structured Play

  • Encourages healthy behaviors
  • Develops motor skills, coordination, and movement
  • Improves mood and self-esteem
  • Boosts social skills and team building

Benefits of Unstructured Play

  • Develops executive function skills
  • Practices decision-making skills
  • Discovers areas of interest
  • Fosters independence


Camper Groups
We believe that summer camp should be a place where everyone is included and no camper is left out. That’s why all of our campers are assigned to camper groups when they arrive at camp. Camper groups meet daily to share stories, check in with counselors, bond with new friends, and create and practice skits for the talent show.

Groups are organized by age and are led by a team of counselors.

  • Kilobytes – campers aged 8 – 10
  • Megabytes – campers aged 11 – 13
  • Senior Campers – campers aged 14 – 17
  • Program Assistants – returning campers aged 15 – 17

Refresh Time
Similar to a traditional camp’s “rest hour,” campers get an hour after lunch to hang out with friends, play games, socialize or simply re-energize before afternoon workshops. Campers can play card games with other campers you may not have workshops with, talk about common interests, or take part in a pick up game of Frisbee or soccer.

Theme Tables
At meal times, campers sit and discuss various topics of interest, such as Minecraft, video games, Harry Potter, and more with other campers and staff members.