We Put the “CAMP” in Computer Camp!

Computer Camp or Traditional Camp? At Emagination, We’re Both!
We may not be located deep in the woods and miles from civilization, cell coverage or WiFi, but Emagination delivers a carefully balanced summer camp experience that combines technology learning with a full program of outdoor and indoor activities during the day and in the evening. S’mores, camp songs, friendship – it’s all part of camp at Emagination.

Emagination creates a unique environment at “CAMP” that is a catalyst for amazing friendships, life skill enhancement, and social skill development — all while being part of a supportive community!

Campers make daily choices of activities that are part of non-tech time. Designed for “kids like me,” Emagination’s activities encourage participation, social interaction, and fun over competition.
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Morning Meeting
We start each day with the entire camp community at Morning Meeting. Campers celebrate Birthdays, Years at Camp and choose activities for Refresh and Evening Program.

Refresh Time
Similar to a traditional camp’s “rest hour,” campers get an hour after lunch to hang out with friends, play games, or simply socialize before afternoon workshops. Unstructured play time is an important part of the camp program and encourages campers to work together.

Closing Circle
We finish the daytime program with Closing Circle where campers can give or receive a Golden Bead, sing camp songs and have time to socialize with campers and counselors before going home or heading back to the dorms.

Evening Program
Campers (including full day campers) select from a wide variety of fun and engaging evening program activities. This is a special time at camp when friendships develop and a sense of belonging at camp is strong.

Super Saturday
Campers (day campers invited) and counselors have a blast in outdoor games — Slip ‘n Slide, Color Runs, LARPing, Human Pac-man, and many more! A BBQ, movie night, and LAN gaming tournaments are all part of Super Saturday.

Talent Show
Emagination’s end-of-camp talent show is all about campers being themselves, stepping out of their comfort zones and having fun with new friends. It’s a time to show off talents, perform a skit, or sing silly camp songs!

Girl’s Night
Female staff and campers get together for a night of fun and fellowship in a relaxed environment that encourages open and free expression.