Computer Camp – Workshops Overview

2017 Workshops Coming in November

Reviewing and Selecting Workshops

For each two-week session, campers take THREE Tech workshops PLUS a recreation activity.

You may mix-and-match ANY three Tech workshops from the categories: Create Digital Media, Design Video Games, Learn to Code, Discover Engineering, and Play Games, PLUS you select one recreation activity from the Get Unplugged category.

Campers may switch workshops until the third day of camp, based on availability.

Some workshops have prerequisites and some have lab fees.

Click on a workshop to learn more. Want help selecting workshops? Contact us!

2016 Workshops

Create Digital Media

Virtual Reality 3D Modeling 3D Character Animation
Photoshop Web Design Digital Music

Design Video Games

Minecraft 3D RPG Design Anime RPG Design
Action Game Design Puzzle Game Design Mobile Game Design
Unreal Game Design

Learn to Code

Scratch Coding Basics Java
advanced Java iApps Android App Development
Minecraft Modding with Java

Discover Engineering

CAD RC Cars Robotics
Redstone Circuitry Minecraft Construction

Play Games

Popular Games

Get Unplugged

Retro Games Improv Free Swimming