Why Choose Emagination Computer Camps?

  • Since 1982 Emagination has delivered high quality technology learning balanced with traditional summer camp fun. It’s Technically Fun!
  • Our Computer Camp Program allows campers to take three Tech-Workshops from a selection of over twenty five
  • Our Programming and Game Design Camp Programs gives campers a chance to immerse themselves into career based learning environments
  • We operate in two-week sessions so campers have time to make friends with others that share the same interests and hobbies and become part of a community
  • Hands on teaching – well-qualified counselors teach from professionally developed curriculums – in person, not with online tutorials
  • Getting unplugged in organized activities encourages social development and is core to our program
  • Our Evening Program has multiple choices for indoor and outdoor activities and the fun continues on the weekend with a day of traditional camp activities
  • Campers gain tech skills, social skills and life skills

It’s Worth the Trip!

“Kids Like Me” who love technology come to Emagination’s summer camp locations from nearby towns, across America and overseas. We provide Transportation Assistance


"Matthew attended Emagination during high school and just got a fabulous job with Google. Thank you Emagination!" Amy, Great Neck, NY