Locations – Overview

It’s Worth the Trip!

“Kids Like Me” who love technology come to Emagination’s summer camp locations from Nearby Towns, Across America and Around the World
Since 1982 campers have traveled to Emagination’s summer camp locations by car, train or plane. Day campers arrive from nearby towns and overnight campers come from many states as well as foreign countries, providing a diverse summer camp experience.

We Help with Transportation — It’s Worth the Trip!
We pickup and drop off overnight campers from airports, railroad stations and bus terminals. We also assist day camp families with car pools and we offer daily train station service in Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.
Transportation Assistance

Carefully Selected Suburban Campuses with an Emphasis on Safety
Emagination carefully selects college campuses that are conducive to a safe, fun and enriching summer camp experience. All campuses are suburban with modern classrooms and residence halls and plenty of recreation facilities. Emagination’s camp director and staff members live in residence halls with campers providing supervision day and night.