3D Printing

Campers take ideas from imagination to electronic art and finally a physical 3D object. They master the basics of designing static models while transforming primitive geometric shapes and polygons into unique objects. Don’t miss this chance to bridge the divide between the digital and physical worlds in Emagination’s 3D Printing Workshop.

Is this workshop appropriate for my camper?
Open to all ages but not recommended for campers entering 5th grade or below, who may find the workshop too challenging.

Ages Recommended for grades 6 – 12
Skill Level Beginner to Advanced
Prerequisites None
Lab Fee $45
Software Autodesk Maya and Print Studio

Recommended: Flash Drive with at least 32 GB Capacity to bring camper work home.

What will my camper learn?

  • How to design 3D Models
  • Improved spatial reasoning
  • Product development

What will my camper create?
Original 3D models. Each camper will choose at least one of their creations to print and bring home.

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