Augmented Reality

From Pokemon Go to Snapchat’s selfie filters, augmented reality is an emerging and transformative technology. Using the Unity Game Engine and Vuforia plugin, campers bring pre-rendered 3D models to life in the world around them.

Is this workshop appropriate for my camper?

Ages All
Skill Level Beginner to Advanced
Prerequisites None
Software Unity Game Engine, Vuforia plugin, Augment
Bring From Home An Android smartphone (phones with BETA operating systems will not be supported). A free Unity account. Don’t have one? Get one here!

Recommended: Flash Drive with at least 32 GB Capacity to bring camper work home.

What will my camper learn?

  • User Interface (UI) scripting
  • How to mix a pre-rendered scene with a real-life environment
  • How to implement interactive virtual objects
  • Cutting edge technology through hands-on exposure

What will my camper create?
An augmented scene with 3D assets that can be exported to a smartphone. Using their phone’s camera, campers will view the model at camp and at home.

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