Circuits and Sabers

Jedi build their own light sabers and so can campers! In Emagination Computer Camp’s Circuits and Sabers workshop campers will build their own prop quality Lightsaber. Using virtual Arduino boards and real-time online simulations campers learn the fundamentals of circuitry needed for its construction – by assembling and wiring the hilt, blade, soundboard, and multi-colored LED – You’ll be asking, camper or Jedi?

Is this workshop appropriate for my camper?

Ages All
Skill Level Beginner to Advanced
Prerequisites None
Software Autodesk Tinkercad
Lab Fee $245 (Camper brings home the Lightsaber built at camp)
Bring From Home Free Autodesk Account. Don’t have one? Get one here!

What will my camper learn?

  • The fundamentals of circuitry
  • How to program and simulate Arduino code
  • How to design and build a lightsaber

What will my camper create?
A prop quality custom Lightsaber

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