RC Cars

From the chassis to the motor, campers construct every aspect of their radio controlled car in this hands-on workshop. Once the build is complete, the race is on! Campers race their RC Cars on the last day of camp on a fun and competitive course designed by our counselors.

Is this workshop appropriate for my camper?
Due to the complexity of the build, campers are required to be entering grade 5 or higher in order to take this workshop.

Ages Required entering grade 5 or higher
Skill Level Intermediate to Advanced
Prerequisites None
Lab Fee $285 (Camper brings home the RC Car built at camp along with accessories)
Hardware Tamiya RC car kit

What will my camper learn?

  • The basics of RC car mechanics
  • Electrical wiring
  • Mechanical troubleshooting

What will my camper create?
A radio controlled car

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